Best E-commerce, Paypal Donation and Payment Plugins For WordPress

A part from popular eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce and WP eCommerce which empowers you to sell anything online, beautifully and easily from your WordPress site. There are several other similar purpose plugins you can use for accepting payments, donations via PayPal etc, specially when you want to accept payments on a few products without transforming your complete WordPress site into an online store.

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Easily Extend Common WordPress Admin Functions

Slash Admin allows you to manage some common admin functions that every website owner probably needs in his website. The plugin allows you to add favicon, insert Google Analytics code, insert custom web fonts, add a login screen logo, fix login page links, enable home page redirect after login, exclude various admin menus for non-admin users.

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Expanding text widgets 2

How To Display Expanding Text Widgets In WordPress?

Expanding Widgets is an easy way to add multiple text (HTML & Shortcode supported) widgets in your WordPress sidebar. You can easily create multiple text widgets and display one or more at a time when their title is clicked.

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