Easily Keep Track Of Multiple Time Zones In Google Chrome

Easily Keep Track Of Your Time Zones Of Your Clients In Google Chrome  5

You can now transform your Google Chrome’s new tab page with a beautifully columned time zones of your clients, customers, relatives or whatever you like. ‘Figure it Out’ is a wonderful Google Chrome extension. The extension very beautifully displays multiple time zones you work in. It enables you to easily add time zones [...]

How To Automatically Schedule WordPress Posts For Publishing?

Setting up automatic schedules for your posts is a great functionality for multi-author websites. Auto-Schedule Posts, a free WordPress plugin simply enables you to set time intervals between posts. You can either randomize it or select a publishing order. The plugin lets you set all important auto post scheduling parameters, even you can [...]

How To Enable WordPress Widgets Accessibility Mode?

Accessibility on web means the websites containing web pages that everyone can use. WordPress also keeps Accessibility commitment so that anyone can easily get access to pages. This is not just for impaired and handicapped users but this is also for handicapped devices. For example may be you are accessing your website from a smartphone device or may be you are using any old Internet browser or if you are located on a place with very slow Internet connection or whatever. [...]

How To Use WordPress Widgets?

WordPress Widgets are the functional blocks mostly used in sidebars for adding content and features. Now-a-days WordPress Widgets are not just limited to sidebars but there are many good themes which provides you with more widget areas like Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme has three different widget areas: First is the primary sidebar (on [...]

How To Schedule Multiple Post Actions In WordPress?

Scheduling WordPress posts is a common functionality but what when you like scheduling other actions like turning a post unsticky or auto closing the comments after a few days. In this tutorial we will show you how to easily schedule all other sorts of actions associated with WordPress posts and post types.

How To Post To WordPress From Anywhere On World Wide Web?

How To Post To WordPress From Anywhere On World Wide Web?

WordPress provides a ”Press This” bookmarklet which allows you to easily post links, text and other information to your WordPress site on the go. The bookmarklet can be used from your bookmarks bar, it has the capability to quickly create new WordPress post entries on fly. Suppose you are browsing websites on Internet, you find something of your interest and now you want to post it on your blog. Just click “Press This” bookmark and it will popup your website’s Administration Add New Post panel with webpage you are viewing listed as a link inside your new post entry. [...]

Top 5 Plugin Types Every Blogger Needs After Installing WordPress

WordPress Plugins

After installing WordPress, there are a couple of plugins you should install to make your WordPress blog more useful and awesome for your website visitors. After WordPress is installed there are a couple of modules every blogger needs to use in his website like social sharing features so that you readers can easily [...]

How To Make A Static Website Using WordPress?

Sometimes people need only a static website of few pages. Many don’t want to update their websites regularly by making new blog posts instead they only use a website for showcasing some important thinks like details about their business, social media links, projects with about and contact page etc. The best thing about [...]

How To Bulk Schedule WordPress Drafts For Publishing?


Have you ever ended up writing a number of drafts or imported a bunch of drafts from other website or may be you have written various sequence wise tutorials and now you want to publish them. Default WordPress draft publishing feature is good for publishing a few drafts but when you have a [...]

How To Bulk Forward Dates Of WordPress Scheduled Posts?

Forwarding all WordPress scheduled posts simply means you can bump dates of all scheduled posts to a number of days. Great utility for the bloggers who plan for very long and schedule a number of posts in advance for future publishing. For Example: Suppose you have scheduled 7 posts for the next week [...]

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